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Lucky 13 Vehicle Wraps Blog

VWotW - Week #1

So we've decided to start doing a vehicle wrap of the week, mostly because we just love cool wraps. Let's start this week off with something that made us all green with envy.

Below is a video containing a video of a flat black 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 -- but that's not flat black paint.

Freaking awesome.

So Tell Me More

So you've decided you might possibly, maybe, perhaps be interested in having a vehicle wrapped for your business. You recognize the impact they have on the pedestrians and drivers around them, and think it may be a good utility in your marketing campaign. We'd have to agree. Unfortunately you find yourself thoroughly uninformed and a little anxious when it comes to making any kind of decision. That's what we're for. Allow us to be your vehicle wrap gurus, to lead you down the path of wrap enlightenment. There are plenty of pros and a couple of cons to vehicle wrapping that we want you to be aware of, and the next step isn't always right in front of you.

  • Easily Removed - A professional can remove your vehicle wrap without leaving a trace of it ever existing. You could try, but we take no responsibility for you being a klutz.
  • Durability - A well applied & properly maintained wrap can last upwards of four years.
  • Get Noticed - It's a well received fact that vehicle wraps in populous areas can gross anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day.
  • Protects Paint - Wraps do a great job of protecting the original finish of your vehicle, so after removal you'll still have a great looking vehicle.
  • No Short-Term - It's not a wise use of funds to get a vehicle wrap for a brief sale. We wouldn't recommend wrapping your vehicle announcing that sale on toasters going on this weekend.
  • Can't Track Stats - There's no way for you to definitively know how much your vehicle wrap is impacting your sales directly. 
  • Age Over Time - Unfortunately vehicle wraps do age, and just like everything else, as Father Time takes his toll, vehicle wraps become cranky, they stubbornly stick to your vehicle making removal more difficult (and time consuming), the looks begin to fade, and the wrap may begin to start wrinkling.

Calendared or Cast Vinyl?
There are two types of materials used for vehicle wrapping, both have their benefits. Calendared vinyl is definitely the cheaper of the two options. This type of vinyl has a strong "memory" which means it will do it's best to return to it's original form (which isn't the shape of your car.) Coloring on calendared vinyl is a lot more difficult to match than it is on cast vinyl. As you may have surmised, cast vinyl is the more expensive of the options. It sticks to your vehicle much better, and the colors come out much better. If we were doing a very brief campaign (3-6 months) we would probably go with calendared vinyl. For those of you looking for more of a long term commitment, the cast vinyl is definitely the route to go.

Wrap Design
We do the designs of your wrap in-house, or you can always go to a creative suite (or if you're a professional, you can do the design yourself.) This step is generally the most time consuming, usually lasting anywhere from 5 to 35+ hours of labor.

Of course we handle this for you. Don't worry about a thing.

Maintaining your Wrap
Please, please, please hand was your vehicle. Avoid those super high pressure washers and the washing wands at car washes. They raise, tear and bubble your vehicle wrap. 

Wrap Removal
We would recommend bringing the vehicle back to us and letting us do the removal process, but if you're a die hard DIYer, it's not a complicated process. Just use a heat gun to warm up the edges of your wrap until you can gently lift up on the panel. If you're careful you can pull off the panels in large sheets one at a time until all you're left with is your vehicle's factory paint. If there is any residue left (there probably will be) then use a citrus-based cleaning solution, or paint thinner with a clean rag. 

Trailer Wrap

We are currently working with Alef's Harley Davidson to create a wrap for one of their enclosed trailers they will use for different events.  It should be a fun project to complete.  Will post when completed.